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Purus Labs BHB Energy

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BHB Energy: Energizing Ketogenic Fuel


With ketogenic dieting moving from fad to a fundemental nutritional force, many mainstream supplements are finding themselves in need of a reformulation. All too often, supplements originally created for the traditional Western diet are at best ineffective and, at worst, downright harmful to anyone in ketosis. Even the most popular amino acid plus energy products are filled with glucogenic amino acids, and when used throughout the day, these could throw a dieter completely out of ketosis. Enter Purus Labs® BHBEnergy™. Specifically formulated for today’s ketogenic diets, each serving provides 4 grams of goBHB® ketone salts, 5 of your body’s foundational electrolytes, and just enough natural caffeine to get you over the hump.


Boost Ketosis Naturally:

  • Zero Glucogenic Aminos
  • Zero Dyes
  • Zero Fillers
  • 5x Essential Electrolytes
  • Promotes Mental Clarity
  • Aids In Increased Hydration


There are 3 ketone compounds made by your body to use for energy when there are not enough glucose stores: BHB (aka beta-hydroxybutyrate ~78%),acetoacetic acid (~20%) and acetone (~2%). Ketones can aid in improving energy output, performance and recovery while protecting brain cells. Ketones also help to reduce circulating glucose and insulin and to reduce inflammatory responses within the body.

Taking a supplement with goBHB®: beta-hydroxybutyrate like BHB Energy can amplify ketogenic effects by providing more physical energy and brain fuel to the keto dieter while helping the body to preserve muscle mass and decrease feelings of hunger.  BHB Energy can also help to ease the transition into ketosis by helping you to get through the “keto flu” faster and assisting in higher energy levels when you’re fasting!


Primary Ingredients:


goBHB® Ketone Replenishment Complex
goBHB® is a ketone body that can deliver a boost to athletes, gamers, busy professionals, biohackers, and low-carb dieters. goBHB® is not only a great fuel source for the brain and the body, but it also helps with satiety. It is primarily used for weight management, cognitive and physical performance. Ketone bodies include acetoacetate, acetone, and beta-hydroxybutyrate (BHB) which facilitate mental and physical performance (1).


Natural Caffeine
Caffeine rapidly absorbs into your bloodstream and can affect multiple facets of bodily function including, but not limited to, the nervous system, muscles, hormones, endorphins and more. This makes caffeine a powerful energizer. Studies show that caffeine can increase endurance, work-load and performance. Caffeine is also shown to aid in releasing stored fat from fat cells during and at the end of exercise. Caffeine can also aid in mental clarity, thus boosting the effects of the above-mentioned ketones (2)(3)(4). 


How to use:

Mix 1-2 servings with 8-16 ounces of cold water and consume whenever you need a boost. Do not consume more than three servings at any one time. Do not use more than three times daily.

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