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Zenevo Protein Cups

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ZenEvo Protein Cups


  • ALL NATURAL – Protein up and fuel your healthy lifestyle! All the good stuff without extra additives, a delightfully delicious treat! Each cup contains 20 grams of high quality, whey protein isolate cup, contains all-natural ingredients with no artificial sweeteners, and is as tasty as your favorite candy bar.
  • MEAL REPLACEMENT – Filled with a whopping 20 grams of protein! The peanut butter or salt pretzel cups are perfect for a tasty snack, a meal or post-workout recovery.
  • HEALTHY SNACK – Low in carbs but high in fiber; what more can you ask for when it comes to a nutritious snack? Premium gourmet quality dark chocolate without the chalky aftertaste.
  • NON-GMO – These yummy treats are free of gluten, low in sugar and kosher to boot. So, there’s no “guilty pleasure” just giving your body the nutrition it needs.
  • GRAB-N-GO – No muss and no fuss. It’s easy to grab a few for the gym, your workday or a road trip. Each pack contains 3 protein cups, each box contains 12 individually wrapped packs.


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