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ISS Research ONE Bar

Article number: 100343
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Buy a Mix and Match box of 12 bars for only $19.95 with Discount Code: Shoplocal. 


Your Anytime Guilt-Free Indulgence

With 20 grams of protein and only 1 gram of sugar delivered in deliciously decadent too-good-to-be-true flavors, we’re the protein bar you didn’t think was possible.



Certified Gluten Free. 20g Protein. 1g Sugar. Cookies and Dreme. You've found the One. When It Comes To Snacking, We're All Entitled to the Perfect Match. With 20 Grams of Protein, Only 1 Gram of Sugar and Totally Indulgent Flavors That Seem to Good to Be True, You're Days of Playing the Field Are Officially Over! Powerfully Delicious, Guilt-Free Indulgence. Congratulations, You've Found the One. One Bar Goes Great With: The Office, The Gym, Beach Days.


**Nutritional Facts will vary with each flavor**


Contains Milk, And Soy (Lecithin).

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