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Nanoceutical Solutions Kava - 1 fl oz

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Nanoceutical Solutions Kava - 1 fl oz


Kava is the ground root of a shrub grown in Pacific islands and for more than 3,000 years people have been cultivating it. It is deeply rooted into the daily lives of the Islanders and used in religious rites, cultural ceremonies, and medicinal purposes. When consumed, kava provides both psychological and physiological relaxation making it the perfect supplement to take when life’s daily stressors get in the way.


Why take Nano Kava?


Ease Anxiety

Studies have shown that Kava can make the pituitary gland, the organ that releases growth hormone, more sensitive to the hormone that releases growth hormone.


Improve Sleep

For best results try Taking Kava an hour before bed. It decreases stress and relaxes your muscles, making it easier to fall asleep. You will fall asleep fast and wake up refreshed.


Soothe Sore Muscles

You will notice the soothing and numbing effects of Kava with just a few drops under the tongue. Thats thanks to the natural pain relievers in the Kava extract.


Protect Nerve Cells

Kava has neuroprotective properties that protect nerve cells from ischemic damage.


Supplement Facts

Serving Size 1ml

Serving Per Container: 30

Amount Per Serving

KAVA Extract (Piper Methysticum) 50mg/mL (Kavalactones 70%)


Other Ingredients: Almond Oil, Stevia, Silica Gel, Butterscotch Flavor

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