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Purus Labs Condense

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Condense Pre Workout Benefits and Results:

  • NO3-T® Sodium Nitrate Technology †
  • Expands Performance Capacity †
  • Increases Power & Force Output †
  • Postpones Muscular Exhaustion †
  • Clean Energy †

Condense Pre Workout By Purus Labs 

It's a simple equation: Increase oxygen-rich bloodflow to working muscles, and you will increase exercise performance and shorten recovery periods between workouts. Condense is the first and only product to achieve a tenfold (10x) increase in NOX levels in humans, by way of our proprietary Nitratene. 

What Is Condense By Purus Labs?

Condense pre workout supplement is a novel approach to pre workout performance-enhancement designed to expand performance capacity, utilizing patent-pending nutrient technology and peer-reviewed, human-validated, orally efficacious dosages, rather than merely and temporarily increase acute performance as with most short-sighted, stimulant-laden products currently on the market.

What Makes Condense Different From Other Pre Workouts?

Purus Labs has revolutionized the pre workout category, once again, by actually achieving what other companies only claim: that is, eliciting extreme vasodilation through nitric oxide production. This, in turn, supports a cascade of welcomed physiologically enhancing benefits to athletes of all cloth through enhancing blood-flow, heightening substrate utilization (i.e. better nutrient absorption), preserving ATP stores, propelling oxygen delivery to myocapillaries, and reducing overall exercise oxygen cost allowing you to handle greater workloads (e.g. more weight) and exercise longer before exhaustion (e.g. more reps).

What Can I Expect While Taking Condense Pre Workout?

No Creatine. No dye. With condense your body can sustain muscular force production. Purus Labs Condense Increases power & force output, Postpones muscular exhaustion, Preserves oxygen & ATP stores. Enhances energetic efficiency. Prohydration matrix migrates cramping. Maintains muscular PH levels.
Purus Labs Condense is the first and only preworkout to achieve exercise capacity expansion (endurance), rather than merely acute performance, as it relates to physiological enhancement.
Using novel and proprietary vasodilatory nutrient-technology, your blood vessels will widen causing a cascade of muscle-building and performance -sustaining effects through enhanced oxygen and nutrient delivery to the myocapillaries.

Condense Pre Workout Ingredients:

  • Betaine Anhydrous (2.5 grams)
  • CarnoSyn Beta Alanine (2 grams)
  • NO3-T Betaine Nitrate (250 mg)
  • Caffeine (200 mg)

What's in Purus Labs Condense?

Condense Pre Workout Supplement Facts


How Do I Take Condense Pre Workout By Purus Labs?

Dosage and Directions:

Mix 1 serving with 8 ounces of cold water and consume 10 minutes prior to exercise. Condense can be used on nontraining days as well.

Do not consume more than two servings at any one time. Do not use more than twice daily.

Warnings and Side Effects:

ConDense is intended only for healthy adults over the age of 18. Do not use if you are currently expecting, or could be expecting. Consult a licensed healthcare practitioner before using this product.


Discontinue use and contact a doctor immediately if you experience an irregular or rapid heart beat, chest pain, shortness of breath, dizziness, lightheadedness, fainting or presyncope, headache, nausea, or other similar symptoms. If you are a performance athlete, please check with your sanctioning body prior to use to ensure compliance.

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