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Purus Labs Probiotic - 30 caps

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Purus Labs Probiotic - 30 caps


At some point in every athlete’s career, they need basic, fundamental products in order to achieve their fitness goals. All too often, top tier supplement brands only focus on combination products that contain an assortment of ingredients specifically formulated to produce narrow results. While these products are often good at achieving their intended results, many athletes need custom-tailored formulas for their individual lifestyle and fitness goals. The Purus Labs® Foundation Series™, they have applied the same care and dedication to these more simplistic, individual components that they do to their goal-oriented products. Just as you can trust our proteins, pre workouts and amino products, you can trust Purus Labs Foundation Series™ products to deliver exceptional results, unrelenting quality, and unwavering commitment to our customers’ goals and dreams.


10 Strain probiotic
50 billion cfu
Strengthens immune system
Aids in weight management
Provides mood support


Take one serving of Purus Labs® Probiotic daily to promote natural digestion and gut health.

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