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Rule One preLIFT

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Rule One preLIFT Preworktout - 30 Servings


preLIFT™ was designed to help users prepare, and ultimately, prevail over any training challenge. Loaded with 25 different active ingredients including CarnoSyn® beta alanine, caffeine from faster and delayed-release sources, and patented Senactiv® phytocompound, each serving supports mental alertness, muscle endurance, and lasting energy. preLIFT™ also delivers pure l-citrulline and clinically researched S7™ for stronger pumps, alpha-GPC, huperzia extract, and lion’s mane mushroom for heightened focus, and four types of electrolytes to assist with hydration during extended workout sessions. It’s the complete preparation package, and our most advanced pre-workout to date.


 - ZERO Sugars
 - ZERO Fillers
 - ZERO Creatine
 - ZERO Banned Substances




  • 3.2g CarnoSyn® beta alanine plus Senactiv® to help support muscle endurance & recovery^
  • 330mg caffeine, including infinergy™ di-caffeine malate & delayed release zumXR®, for fast-acting alertness and lasting mental energy^
  • 6g pure l-citrulline & 50mg of S7™ provide pump support^
  • Alpha-GPC, lion’s mane mushroom, and huperzine for focus^
  • 500mg electrolyte blend to aid hydration during longer workouts^
  • Cordyceps, taurine, theobromine, juniper, and BioPerine® for added support^
  • Carefully made in the USA from quality ingredients of domestic and international origin



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