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SmartShake Revive Shaker

Article number: SSH1001
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Smartshake Revive Shaker - Rock-Band Collection

750 ml / 25 oz


Choose from various Rock-Band Icons such as KISS, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Mötley Crüe, Ozzy Osbourne, and more to come!

More than 25 million happy customers since 2009.

Stackable storage compartment 
Carry your protein powder separately.

100% guaranteed by our Smartshake™ Warranty.

BPA and DEHP Free
Safe for the environment and yourself. 

With the features of Smartshake Revive shaker like the soft loop handle and rubber details, it is easy to carry and hold. Add berries or fruit and shake it up with the improved Fruit Infuser to mix your own fruit water. The mixing net snaps into place staying tight and secure. No rattling or loose parts.


The Silent Mixing Solution


The mixing net on our shaker bottles snaps into the lid and stays tight and secure. No rattling or loose parts.

The new improved Fruit Infuser has sharp spurs that makes the mixing even better. Mix your favorite fruits or berries with water to make healthy vitamin water.


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